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Choosing a C-Suite Successor


The CEO of a multi-billion-dollar heavy manufacturing company was retiring in a year and the Board of Directors wanted help in selecting his successor. Fortunately, there were two very qualified candidates already in the organization, albeit with very different backgrounds. One of the candidates had risen through the Operations ranks, while the other came from Sales & Marketing.


Our first step was to conduct a 360-degree Executive Assessment of each candidate, using a customized assessment model tailored specifically for the organization. We then used the assessment results to conduct extensive interviews with their peers, key subordinates and their supervisor, the CEO. Lastly, we spent several days shadowing each of the candidates to get a true feel for how they comported themselves on a day-to-day basis.


We then analyzed all of these data points and developed our recommendation, along with a detailed rationale in support. We presented our information to the CEO and the Board in a face to face session, elaborating on our findings and answering their questions.


The Board accepted our recommendation, choosing the Operations EVP as the CEO’s successor. This gentleman spent most of the following year turning over the reins of the Operations function to his successor, while he began shadowing the CEO. At the end of the year, he became CEO, and interestingly enough, had as his first task overseeing the move of the corporate headquarters to Europe.

Creating a Compelling Business Strategy


This client was a small entrepreneurial business (annual revenues of around $15M) and had never done any formalized strategic planning. In fact, our first try at developing strategy was done in the car on the way to the airport (literally, on the back of an envelope). The Executive Team recognized that this wasn’t going to be good enough to grow the business to the level they wanted, so they asked us to design a strategy formulation process that would work for them.


Recognizing that strategies are dynamic and ever-changing, we embarked on a multi-year journey, starting simply, then becoming more complex over time. As it evolved, the process looked like this:

  • Year 1:
    Back of the envelope brainstorming on new products, enhancements to existing lines of business, process improvement, and capacity planning.

  • Year 2:
    Formalized strategic planning process involving the Executive Team only, conducted at an offsite retreat. This was a one-time three-day session, preceded by intense prework, designed to have the team do some research into what was happening externally in their areas of responsibility, as well as analyzing their internal results. By the end of the session strategic planks were agreed upon and initial action steps were identified.

  • Year 3:
    Quarterly strategy review sessions were held, involving the entire senior team (direct reports to the Executive Team), using detailed reporting and analysis methodology, and relying on the development of departmental business canvases.

  • Year 4:
    Senior team quarterly review sessions continued (but using a much simpler methodology). A senior leader was tasked with managing the strategic planning process on a year-round basis, thus beginning to drive the process into the organization’s ongoing business cycle. Intensive communication/planning sessions were held with all employees each quarter, highlighting results against plan and helping involving employees in new solution generation. Results were published for all to see on a quarterly basis.


By the end of Year 4, the entire company had embraced the strategic planning process (especially the collaborative aspects, which extended to the shop floor). While strategic alignment was not yet perfect, everyone in the organization understood where the company wanted to go, and what the results were for the preceding quarter.

By the end of Year 4, the company had tripled its’ employee population and had more than tripled its’ revenue.

Leadership and Operational Learning


A major division of a Fortune 100 or Global 200 manufacturer wanted to totally revamp its Operational and Leadership skills development programs. The division had about 35,000 employees and over 3,000 Supervisors and Managers.


Our principal was engaged initially as a learning program design and delivery resource, and he performed that function for about four months. As things evolved, he became the de-facto operating team lead, while continuing to design and pilot new programs.


Programs were designed, developed and delivered in the following areas:

  • Supervisory Leadership, Managerial Leadership, Quality Control, Lean Manufacturing, Change Management, Labor Relations, and various Operational skills.

By the second year of the program, results included:

  • Delivery of over 28,000 participant hours of instruction.
  • Level 1 (participant reaction) and Level 2 (knowledge acquisition) scores were consistently high.
  • Extension of the program into other areas of the business, especially Supply Chain Management.

Data-Driven Executive Coaching


A senior member of the Finance organization in a consumer products company desired to get executive coaching. After meeting several coaches, this executive chose to work with our Principal.


After building an initial contract, including preliminary goals and hoped-for outcomes, a series of in-depth interviews were conducted, and the results of the interviews were compiled. We also conducted a simultaneous 360-degree assessment. After all the data were analyzed, we built a final set of goals, outcomes and a formal action plan. We then presented this to the executive’s superior for review and revision.

We worked together for the next seven months, usually two or three times per month, during which time the executive was very diligent on following through on action items and in applying suggestions that came up in the coaching sessions.


Several months after the sessions ended, our Principal received a call from the executive, saying he had just been promoted and given more responsibilities. He expressed his appreciation for our work together.


“Your classes were amazing and I have grown to be a stronger leader because of you. You also told me “Never forget to always take care of your employees, without them you have nothing” this has stuck with me for years and I live by them.”

Jenny Robison, Operations Manager, Missouri Star Quilt Company

“Rick has a great strategic mind, and the drive to follow through and accomplish the tasks at hand. He is one of the top learning professionals in the country. He has been an innovator in the field, blazing new paths in the area of adult learning styles. Each time I work with Rick, I am inspired to reach new heights and walk away having learned something new. Rick has an innate ability to meet the needs of his customers, regardless of whether he is working internally or as an external consultant.”

John Shearer, Executive Director, Academy 4

“Rick is disarming in his communication style, and he a terrific listener and discussion moderator. When he shares a perspective, he is so poignant and generally dead-on that most times you can’t do anything but listen and nod your head. He’s that good. I will actively seek opportunities to work with Rick, and I am hopeful that our paths cross again soon.”

Charles Brooker, Director, Strategy and Operations, Global Sales at Dell

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